Saturday, January 14, 2012

myHome Apartment at Ciputra World, Jakarta

Located at the future “Orchard Road”, myHome Apartment has been one of the recommended vertical residences in Jakarta. PT Ciputra Property Tbk has been developing the apartment with branded elements as well as lots of facilities; not to mention, the eco-green concepts that attracts more customers. Out of 136 units offered, 85% has been sold to date.

General Marketing Manager of Commercial Building Division from PT Ciputra Adigraha, Kenny Seraphine said that the booming sale happened in 2010; 55% sold that year. Currently the construction progress has come to 32nd floor. In early 2012, the project will go topping off (48 floors) and finishing. Handed over will be on third quarter of 2012.

myHome Apartment has rest and recreation area that includes swimming pool, tennis courts, spa, gym, fitness center, barbeque area as well as walking and jogging track. It is also minutes away from the art museum gallery and Ciputra World Mall. As a premium vertical residence, myHome Apartment offers grade-A components and managed by Ascott International.

The eco green concepts applied mostly on energy saving. Director and Corporate Secretary of PT Ciputra Property Tbk, Artadinata Djangkar explained that every building called ‘green’ in the world, including in US and Singapore, focus on energy efficiency. Therefore, myHome Apartment employs anti-infrared glasses to reduce energy consumption by air conditioner and T5 lamps which are energy saver. Also, the escalators on the building have sensor to start moving only when there is passenger.

| source: Property&Bank Magazine |

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