Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Prospects of Hospitality Industry in Palembang City

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN PALEMBANG CITY is certainly growing fast as the hotel occupancy rate is now high enough, reaching around 70 percent.

The MAYOR EDDY SANTANA PUTRA said that he is optimistic that the city’s hotel industry will grow rapidly. “The operation of national-level and international level hotel in the city – not to mention more hotels that are under construction, has been the concrete proof,” he said.

Eddy explained that during the year 2010, a new five star-hotel has been being built and another has started operating. “In addition, a number of investors also has requested a hotel development on a number of areas in the CITY OF PALEMBANG.”

He said, “The Musi River banks, like in the Kelurahan 10 Ulu of Kecamatan Seberang Ulu I and Sekanak, has attracted the investors. In fact, they are also ready to build a hotel in the downtown, not to far fom Cinde Marketcentre.”

Eddy added, “SANTIKA HOTEL BUSINESS GROUP has proposed a development plan of a hotel. The municipal government has received the submission from local investors as well. The Mayor is optimistic that the growing of hotel industry in the city will encourage Palembang to become a leading trade and service area in Indonesia and Asia.

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