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Summarecon is building a township called SUMMARECON BEKASI

 The renowned developer SUMMARECON is building a township in Bekasi, Jawa Barat called SUMMARECON BEKASI. Of the 250 hectare of land available, 35 percent will be allocated as commercial area. The developer will build 16 clusters whereby each consists of 6 to 7 hectares with 200 to 300 houses. In addition, there will also be apartments, shopping mall: Sumarecon Mall Bekasi, trade center, office park, shopping houses, modern fresh market, as well as an artificial lake which serves as retention basin.

“In this initial phase, we spend Rp 250 billion (approx. US $27.17 million) for the infrastructure development,” said Eecutive Director of Summarecon, Mr. Adrianto P. Adhi.

Starting from April 2010, two clusters are offered; they are PALM RESIDENCE and MAPLE RESIDENCE. Palm Residence cluster consists of 300 houses which price starts from Rp 500 million (approx. US $54,350). As for Maple Residence cluster, it consists of 230 units which price starts from Rp 700 million (approx. US $76,000). “We are targeting middle-upper segment of consumer,” said Mr. Adrianto.

The gate of Palm Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi
The gate of Maple Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi

In order to realize the plan, on April 10th 2010 SUMMARECON has planted concrete pile as the foundation of new fly over in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bekasi. “The fly over will make the traffic flows free. It will be ready in 2012, right after the residential units handed over at the end of 2011,” added Mr. Adrianto.

To develop a property project, especially a township, is not an easy thing as the developer must build a ‘city’. However, Mr. Adrianto claimed that he has no difficulties in realizing such plan.

His optimism is based upon the fact that the developer has already acquired the land since 1980’s. Besides, mortgage interest rate continues to fall recently; it escalates consumer’s purchasing power. “These days, people’s interest in purchasing houses by mortgage scheme continues to rise, up to 50 percent of the total sales,” he said.

Associate Director of the Strategic Advisory Group of PT Procon Indah, Utami Prastiana opines that landed houses in form of townhouse are promising to develop outside Jakarta. “The potential is seen in Tangerang and Bekasi with regards to the lack of vacant land for horizontal residentials in Jakarta. Moreover, price of the land outside Jakarta is more affordable,” said Utami.
Aerial view of Summarecon Bekasi
  Location map of Summarecon Bekasi
 Site Plan of Summarecon Bekasi

House - type 7x17 m, in Summarecon Bekasi  
house in Summarecon Bekasi   

Site plan of Palm Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi
  Site Plan of Maple Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi 

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