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ALLIANZ TOWER, Green Building in Golden Triangle of Jakarta

With a concept of ‘green building’, ALLIANZ TOWER is expected to become the new icon of office building in Jakarta. Developed by PT Medialand – member of KOMPAS GRAMEDIA GROUP in land of 7,000 square meters, the office tower will consists of 28 floors. It is scheduled to operate in 2011 with total project value of 200 billion Indonesian Rupiahs. ALLIANZ, the leading insurance and financial services from Germany, is the major tenant of the building.

The design of the "Allianz Tower" stands for the principal concepts of openness, transparency, flow of information and harmonious integration of a modern office building in an environmentally friendly manner. Allianz Utama will insure the project to be running and finished properly to meet the scheduled move of Allianz to the new premises by mid 2011.

JAKOB OETAMA, the CEO of Kompas Media Group said that the building merges the functions, arts, and high concern on natural environment. It saves the use of energy and water to make it eco-friendly. He added, “Allianz Tower is like an open book which consists of two parts: ‘source of knowledge’ and ‘the importance of information’. Visualization of row and column on the newspaper are adopted in the design of the building by the horizontal and vertical shape; therefore, it creates dynamic appearance.

As a new icon in the ‘golden triangle’ area KUNINGAN of Jakarta, ALLIANZ TOWER clings to
the vision of Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD). All aspects of the building follow the ‘green building concept. The building is designed slim and flat facing north and east so that it could reduce the heat and direct ultraviolet exposure from the sun. This will lead to less power consumption for air conditioning.

The building only covers 30 percent of the land area so that 70 percent of its land is used as natural rain water absorbent. (DKI Jakarta Province recommends 30 percent of land as rain water absorbent). This is an added value to the environment as it prevents flood disaster in the city. Besides, Allianz Tower implements recycling process on waste and rain water before it is drained to the city’s sewer and river.

Teddy Surianto, CEO of PT MEDIALAND INTERNATIONAL explained, “The recycling concept is applied to respect the environment. Rain water harvesting on the roof is stored in the water tank in the basement and mixed with the recycled water from sewage treatment plant.”
80 percent of waste water will be recycled and used for hosing plant, flushing water on toilet and for the water cooled air conditioning system. The rest of 20 percent will be dispensed to city’s waste reservoir in the north of the building.

ALLIANZ TOWER uses double glazing system on the building façade. It is a combination of 8 mm reflective glass and 6 mm clear glass, installed with 12 mm vacuum air in between. The double-glazing skin will significantly reduce the heat of the sun from entering the building as well as eliminate sound pollution from the outside.

Teddy added, “The building utilizes energy saving LED and TS fluorescence lamps in most of the office rooms. Car Parking lot is located in the ground floor so that it consumes less energy as it requires less mechanical air ventilation and lighting in the afternoon. Moreover, the trees around the building will provide cool temperature as well as shady terrace for employees to eat and relax under the tree.

About Allianz in Indonesia
Allianz started its operations in Indonesia with a representative office in 1981. In 1989, Allianz established PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, a non-life insurance company. Furthermore, Allianz entered the Indonesian life insurance market by opening PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia in 1996. Today, Allianz in Indonesia is one of the leading insurance groups in the market who has been trusted to serve more than one million customers in individual and corporate segment. Allianz Utama and Allianz Life Indonesia draw on support from nearly 12,000 dedicated financial consultants and operate a wide service network of over 80 offices in more than 44 locations nationwide.

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