Thursday, May 14, 2009

Green Property Award 2009 for Eleven Housing Estates in Indonesia

Eleven housing estates have successfully awarded GREEN PROPERTY AWARD 2009, delivered by Minister of Housing M. YUSUF ASY’ARI in Jakarta, Wednesday, May 13th 2009.

Green Property Award – initiated by HOUSING ESTATE MAGAZINE, was given to the developers who created such dwelling which meets the eight criteria of environment-friendly house.

Chairman of the Green Property Award 2009 Committee, HADI PRASOJO said:
"We refer to the eight criteria of environment-friendly housing. They are spatial design, waste management, water control and management, infrastructure network, transportation access, green open space, concept of community participation in maintaining and preserving the environment. Basically, upon the eight criteria, a house can be called environment-friendly when the developer helps improving the quality of the environment.”

Of the eleven housing estates awarded, mostly are located in the area of Tangerang and Bekasi; the rest are in Bogor, Bandung and Malang. This year award is divided into two categories: housing which is still in conceptual stage and housing which is already in the development stage.

Eleven housing estates receiving GREEN PROPERTY AWARD 2009 are:
- Puri Botanical Residence, Jakarta
- Bintaro Jaya Tangerang,
- Telaga Golf Sawangan Depok,
- Tangerang Summarecon Serpong,
- Bogor Nirwana Residence,
- Ijen Nirwana Residence in Malang,
- Kota Baru Parahyangan Bandung,
- Sentul City Bogor,
- BSD City Tangerang,
- City Jababeka Bekasi
- The Grand Tour.

HADI PRASOJO said, at the momentous event the committee only gives tribute to nine clusters as two clusters (Puri Botanical and Bogor Nirwana Residence) are still in conceptual stage. He explained, “The GREEN AWARD TROPHY will be handed to them when the cluster is ready to market.”

Hadi added that based on the judges’ assessment, of the eleven estates none meets the eight criteria thoroughly.

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