Thursday, January 15, 2009

Harvest City, the Largest Township in Cibubur, Bogor

Developed by PT Dwikarya Langgengsukses, a joint venture company by three experienced developers: Suryamas, Duta Putra and Kentanix, HARVEST CITY presents 1,050 hectare of township, the largest in East Cibubur, Bogor. There will be 10,000 units of minimalist style houses ranging from small to luxurious ones.

Suryamas Dutamakmur Group is renowned for their luxurious residences in Rancamaya, Bogor and Mahogany Residences, Cibubur. Duta Putera Mahkota Group and Kentanix Supra Internasional are famous for their middle-low housings such as Vila Dago in Pamulang (Tangerang), Cibubur Riverside and Vila Nusa Indah 1-5 in Bekasi.

As the main gate is located in front of National Recreation Park Taman Buah Mekarsari, HARVEST CITY can be reached easily via three optional tollways:

  • Jagorawi Tollway (Cibubur exit)
  • Cikunir Tollway (Jati Asih exit)
  • Cikampek tollway (Bekasi Barat exit)

HARVEST CITY, a City of Prosperity features:

  • Harvest City Mall
  • The Harvest Walk
  • Culinary Market
  • Discovery Park
  • Food Carnival
  • Urban Forest
Harvest City City Walk, Cibubur - Bogor
Harvest City Urban Forest, Cibubur - Bogor

“It is a positive synergy as three experienced groups have merged to develop an integrated residential project. This will be an economic generator for corridor Cileungsi- Mekarsari,” said President Director of Duta Putera Mahkota Group, Herman Sudarsono.

Site Plan of Harvest City, Cibubur

Map of Harvest City, Cibubur

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