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Nirvana Avana Apartment, Living on Vertical Landed House

Designed to fulfill the needs of living in landed house, NIRVANA AVANA APARTMENTS brings the concept of house into a vertical dwelling. In every unit you can find features as in a landed house that is the yard. It is realized with a large balcony and pool decks. In certain units and penthouse you’ll even have a private swimming pool.

Located in Kemang Raya No 78, Jakarta, NIRVANA AVANA APARTMENT is developed by PT. Asiana Lintas Cipta, a design oriented developer managed by trio dynamic women Alifah Abdullah, Loemongga H Nasution dan Chindar S Marzuki.

The design was handled by SCDA Architect which was then continued by Aboday Architect.

SCDA ARCHITECT came with extraordinary planning of efficient module. Each floor consists of 4 units divided by pillars and straight beams.

ABODAY ARCHITECT architect has a vision to create the building more attractive and characterized by the concept of tropical building applied in vertical building. This is realized with many open spaces around the perimeter of each unit, as the balcony (which can be used as green space) at the same time provide 2.5 meter overhang to avoid excessive rain water. It is also reducing the use of air conditioning in each unit since the existence of 'shadow area' can reduce the heat.

Open space (balcony / swimming pool) of some units hang over the perimeter of the building so that it create space for green plants. The balconies, from ground to top floors, make the building appears greener at the time. In the future, they will be a vertical hanging garden with trees in every floor.

The cantilevers shape projected façade on certain points and add to the beauty of the uniqueness of the building at once. It is one of the main thoughts in the form of building plan because it involves how we see, enjoy, and walk through it each day.

NIRVANA AVANA APARTMENT combines elements of concrete and glass with natural stones to deliberately form the look of textured building. This emphasizes the characteristic of tropical modern building.

The interior features eclectic style which merge the pragmatic modern lifestyle with the beauty of old building’s reminiscence. Elements of wood and iron represent the modern lifestyle while the reminiscence of the past translated in the form a large number of organics elements in interior. Natural lighting as well as the hidden light refracted the beauty and brings the coziness.

NIRVANA AVANA APARTMENT consists of 56 units with private elevator in each floor. Only the occupants can use the elevator. Occupant’s privacy obtains high concern.

Public supporting facilities namely laundry, fitness center, parking facilities, etc, are available at lower ground floor.

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