Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Solo Center Point: Modern and Cultural Heritage put together

Solo Center Point (SCP) in Solo City – also known as Surakarta City - is the first building which integrates city walk into its design. It’ll be a best precedence for other developers to make cultural approach in design. In architectural point of view, this project make a breakthrough as it eliminates the barrier between private and public domain within the complex.

Located in a site of 3,400 m3, Solo Center Point was once designed for merely a retail facility; but the later improvements make the project a mixed use development consisting of condotel, apartment, and shopping mall. Each building pays high concerns to zoning, easy access, comfort, and privacy.

SCP’s apartment comprises 100 units with private access. The occupants can reach public zone (city walk area or the plaza) easily through ground floor. They also have dedicated parking lots detached to the mall’s. Supporting facilities such as swimming pool and gym is attached to the condotel and dedicated only to the apartment’s and condotel’s occupants.

The interior presents modern style combined with local accent: patterned “Batik” paintings as the SCP is situated in Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Kampung Lawean which was formerly known as the oldest “Batik” – Indonesian traditional patterned fabrics – maker’s village in Solo City.

In line with municipal regulation, Solo Center Point emphasizes social interaction and local context in its modern building. For instance, SCP features public spaces: a plaza and city walk to accommodate Solonese’s sub culture of “Wedangan” – enjoying hot drinks in the late evening.

Designed by Prada Tata Indonesia (PTI), Solo Center Point also brings the spirit of green development as they employ natural lighting and air conditioned.
Solo Center Point Ground Floor

Solo Center Point - Section
Solo Center Point Apartment Type A
(1 bedrooms)
Solo Center Point Apartment Type B
(2 bedrooms)
Solo Center Point Apartment Type A
(1 bedrooms)

Location of Solo Center Point

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