Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soewarna Business Park’s Commitment on Green Development

PT Sanggraha Daksamitra, the developer of Soewarna Business Park conveys green architecture concept in effort to counter the air pollution in Jakarta as well as take to fight global warming.

This Integrated Business Complex in area of Soekarno-Hatta airport develops 80 percent of land for the green area. Senior General Manager of Soewarna Park, Ishak Chandra said that they are the land management who received 102 hectare concession from PT Angkasa Pura. They have developed 60 hectares for golf course and the rest is for offices and warehouses.

In addition, the management also carries out the policies of:
- Planting trees around the buildings. The trees will play the role as water absorber; besides the environment will get leafy and cooler.
- Minimizing electricity consumption by using skylight at the warehouse. Management has also been examining the use of movement sensor.
- Dedicating the area for non air pollution industries like cargo, telecommunication, logistics and banks. The tenants of Soewarna Business Park are not permitted to build industry which can jeopardize the nature.

“With all the efforts, Soewarna Business Park means to spread the living green model development. We want to show a new perspective that industrial estate can be clean and green instead”, Ishak added.

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