Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Casabella, a Commercial Center in Galuh Mas, Karawang; The Smart Living and Business

Situated in the strategic location in Karawang City, Galuh Mas Regency offers their new commercial center: Casabella, "the Smart Living and Business". They are shop houses comprising 10 units with 4 optional sizes namely Belladona, Bellanova, Bellavista and Bellarosa.

  • Belladona is two storey unit at the corner with void and roof tower. Land area is 89.10 m2 and building’s floor area is 111.55 m2. It is sold for ID Rp 1,027 millions (US $108,105).
  • Bellanova is two storey unit at the middle with land area 94.10 m2 and floor area 111.55 meters. It is sold for ID Rp 979 millions (US $103,052).
  • Bellavista is two storey unit at the middle with larger size. The land area is 126.30 m2 and the floor area is 128.57 m2. It’s sold for ID Rp 1,242 millions (US $130,736).
  • Bellarosa is two storey unit at the middle. The land area is 133.40 m2 and the floor area is 128.57 m2. It’s sold for ID Rp 1,288 millions (US $135,578).
Casabella, “The Smart Living & Business” is classic minimalist style shop houses which are facing west. It’s in the vicinity of main gate of Galuh Mas exclusive residential complex catering both residents and neighborhood community. The Casabella features concrete structure with steel-structured roof. Its finishing includes aluminum frame, 30x30 ceramic tile, exposed and gypsum plafond as well as porcelain closet.

Discounted price is applied for hard cash and mortgage purchasing, 20% + 5% + 8% and 20% + 5% respectively.

PT Galuh Citarum, the leading local developer has developed a large area of residential complex in Karawang. Not far from the downtown of Karawang, close to Alun-Alun and Karawang Mosque, Galuh Mas has easy access from Jakarta – Cikampek toll way. The southern perimeter is adjacent to Teluk Jambe Industrial Estate.

The facilities in Galuh Mas include:
  • 24 hour security system
  • Religious buildings
  • Hospital
  • Schools
  • Playground
  • electricity supply
  • clean water supply
  • fuel station
  • telephone network
  • sport club
  • shopping center
  • food court
  • traditional market
  • automotive center
  • close to downtown
  • multi access

For further details and information, feel free to contact indonesianproperty@gmail.com or send sms to +62-21-98765818

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