Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Casa Jardin, "The Garden Residence", a Green Development in Daan Mogot, West Jakarta

Following their success in New Daan Mogot Residence, Gading Arcadia Residence and Daan Mogot Arcadia Residence, PT Global Budi Perkasa is now developing their new complex: Casa Jardin, The Garden Residence.
Situated in Jalan Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, the residence is designed by the leading Indonesian Architect and Master Planner, Budi Lim. He applies the green concept development as buildings will cover only 30% of the land to provide 70% green open space. He also designs a main boulevard which could prevent cars from parking there in order to ensure a free traffic.
Casa Jardin, the Garden Residence will feature Sport Club, Swimming Pool, Jogging Track and Mini Market.
The developer, PT Global Budi Perkasa has started marketing the Casa Jardin Residence on June 2008. In first phase, they offers Catalya, Evodia, Bromelia, and Fitonia Cluster for the price of US $473.00 /m2 (land) and US $368.00 /m2 (building).
  • House unit on Catalya Cluster are available in two types: 115 m2 and 135 m2. The area of Persil ranges from 90 to 267 m2.
  • House unit on Evodia Cluster are presented in four types: 290 m2, 325 m2, 415 m2 and 460 m2. The area of Persil ranges from 206 to 377 m2. Also available Persil with sizes range from 343 to 50 m2.

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