Sunday, August 31, 2008

The New Argenia, newest green residential cluster from Sentul City

Sentul City introduces one of their very best residential clusters: The New Argenia.

Sentul City is situated in a best environment with beautiful scenery and fresh air from plants. Mount Salak, Mount Pancar, Mount Pangrango, Mount Gede and Hambalang Hill, set a harmony landscape which brings you relaxing surrounding and spacious leafy land.

The New Argenia, the new leading cluster from Sentul City is specially delivered for your best fit. You can choose either minimalist or art deco architectural style. The layout is efficient and easy to adjust for future expansion. It features high ceilings which allows future mezzanine.

Located in Km 36 of Jagorawi toll way, only 25 minutes away from Jakarta or 5 minutes away from Bogor City, The New Argenia offers four types of house:

- New Fergana (A)
o Site area: 117 m2
o Floor area: 60 m2
o Price starts from US $34,300

- New Fergana (B)
o Site area: 156 m2
o Floor area: 68 m2
o Prices starts from US $42,100

- New Winchester
o Site area: 170 m2
o Floor area: 82 m2
o Price starts from US $49,470

- New Athena
o Site area: 224 m2
o Floor area: 90 m2
o Price starts from US $58,520

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