Sunday, August 31, 2008

Botanic Green Home of Puri Botanical Residence

Following the success of “The First Botanical Residential Estate”, PT Copylas Indonesia, a joint venture company between PT Jakarta Setiabudi International, Tbk and Itochu Corp (Japan) launches their newest innovation: Botanic Green Home.

Botanic Green Home is environment friendly house designed by Indonesian leading architect which suits the green home international standard in harmony with Indonesia’s tropic nature. In addition, collaborative works of conserving rare tree with Bogor Botanic Gardens complement the green effort.

Botanic Green Home at Puri Botanical Residence, Mega Kebon Jeruk brings you modern cozy living, healthier, more efficient as well as preserved nature for the future generations.

In simple words,

Green Home + Conservation = Botanic Green Home

The concept then manifests in:
- Energy
o Energy saving
o energy used controlled by automatic system
o some part of energy supplied by solar panels
o roof garden to lower the temperature below
o maximizing natural lighting with openings at the north and south

- Material
o Environment friendly material, nontoxic, less waste in construction and energy and water saving.

- Water
o Sanitary system controls the use of water
o Providing retention pools
o Ground water reservation

- Location
o Easy access, public transport available
o Close to supporting facilities: schools, universities, shopping centers, offices, sport centers, gardens and parks.

- Innovative Design
o Attractive design with massing composition
o Side yard to allow air circulation through the rooms
o Open space and courtyard to create cozy and cool micro climate

- Conservation
o Providing new habitat for the distribution of rare species of plants and trees.
o Encourage families to love and maintain the environment.

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Francisco said...

hi, nice blog!
do you have pictures of Mega Kebon Jeruk, the neighborhood, the site of the new botanical park, we are rar away, and if you have or you know where i can get, we would very gratefull..

gusriharso said...

We haven't had the site plan yet, but once we got it, we'll let you know promptly. Thanx Fransisco

sprinter said...

Is this Botanic Green Home Of Puri Botanical Residence built yet? Do you know the size and how much it costs?

sprinter said...

Do you know whether Puri Botanical Residence is selling and the price estimates? In addition, is it a good area to live in, or invest in?