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Nirwana Epicentrum, the New Icon of Bogor

In August 2008, Bogor Nirwana Residence (NBR) is to launch NIRWANA EPICENTRUM, the district of commercials, entertainment, and central business that highlight open space and harmony with nature. Nirwana Residence will consist of Orchard Walk, Eco Mall and Arcade, Eco Office Complex and Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort.

Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort will bring condotel concept. It means that each room will be sold to the public and later the Operator will manage to lease them to the guest. There will be 224 units with 278 rooms available. 184 units will be sold to the public and 40 units will be owned by the developer (BNR) itself. Each unit prices US $71,000 including the interior, furniture, electronics, and the equipments.

Chief Executive Marketing, Jo Eddy Raspati claims Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort a good investment since it generates 8% return for the first two years and 12-15 % returns for the unit’s owner in the end of each year. This projection comes from the existing condition in Bogor that hotel’s occupation rate is 75% on weekdays and 100% in the weekend.

The other benefit is that the unit’s owner could stay anytime for free at Aston Bogor Hotel and Resort for 21 days each year. They could enjoy the facilities of Ballroom, Swimming Pool, and else. And of course, whenever the price is right, the owner could easily sell their units to get the profit.

Another interesting place in Nirwana Epicentrum will be ORCHARD WALK ARCADE. It’s a pedestrian walk of 300 meters long adopting Orchard Road of Singapore. People can interact to each other comfortably under shade of leafy trees walking along 12 meter pedestrian ways. Along the way, the developer will build shop houses (arcades) which sell various goods, fashion, café, restaurant, laundry, barber shop, bank, and others.

The arcade will be two-storey-building with 2.5 meter height and sizing 8 x 12 meters. Parking lots will be located on the backyard to “hide” it from the main road. A pedestrian bridge will connect each arcade units to create easy access for the customers. Each arcade will be designed in modern style with transparent façade.

In Nirwana Epicentrum, Bogor Nirwana Residence will also develop a shopping mall with Eco Mall concept. It will be a cozy environment-friendly shopping place with green concept in every step.

As the first Eco Concept Shopping Mall in Indonesia, the ECO MALL will apply energy saving technology as solar energy is the main source. The Eco Mall will provide 360 degrees view to green atmosphere, breezily wind of Mount Salak and Mount Halimun.

In Nirwana Epicentrum, BNR will integrate education facilities, apartments, offices, residences in one area. It will be an integrated township development in Bogor City.

Previously in December 2007, Bogor Nirwana Residence has introduced THE JUNGLE with 4D Theatre which provide Water Theme Family Leisure. You can find Alligator Fish, Tiger Fish, Papuan Arwana, and Palmas at Giant Aquarium, the biggest aquarium in Indonesia. There also available Lazy River of 400 meter wide, Fountain Futsal, 12 meter height Spiral Slide, and four lanes Racer Slide.

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