Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grand Cluster Forestra of Bumi Serpong Damai; where residences meet nature’s beauty

Grand Cluster Forestra is 72 hectare residential development consisting of 11 clusters. Four clusters have been developed: Giardina, Albera, Fiore, and Allevare.

Sinarmas Developer and Real Estate builds the Forestra Cluster upon the concepts of green development and healthy living. To implement the concepts, Grand Cluster Forestra of BSD features:

- 4.5 hectare of forest inside the area to bring fresh air and coziness to the residences. Contemporary research said that 1 sqm grass land can eliminate 0.2 kg/year of particle in the air.

- Viale Forestra Jogging Track and Cycling Path of 2.3 km long with 10-15 meters wide of green belt along the track.

- Verde Forestras Pedestrian Path for people who want to stroll along the riverside with 15 meters green belt.

- Gardens, Parks and Playgrounds in every cluster with facilities for kids and children.

- De Sportivo and De Plazetto Family Club House with swimming pool, playground, lounge, bar & fitness center.

Cluster Giardina

It’s a premium cluster since it is located in the front of the Forestra complex and has private access from the main gate. This cluster is surrounded by green parks to create fresh atmosphere. It features Giocare Pallazo, a private sport club. Viale Forestra jogging track is in this cluster.

Cluster Allevare

Allevare means ‘prairie’; therefore this 6.5 hectare cluster is surrounded by green prairie and trees.

Grand Cluster Forestra is the pioneer of the second phase development of Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD). The first phase of 1,500 hectares has been developed successfully by Sinarmas Developer and Real Estate; and now the second phase development has been started to develop 800 hectares of land. The entire BSD will occupy 6,000 hectares; it’s half area of Paris.

In the master plan of second phase of BSD development, Grand Cluster Forestra is set to be at the center of the area. 200 hectare Central Business District near Forestra has been under construction, and there are now two international schools near Forestra: Sinarmas World School (SWS) and Swiss-German University (SGU).

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