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Profile of Arsikon Group, the Developer of Coastarina

Cahya, the owner of Arsikon Group

Everybody from Singapore or Malaysia who ever come to Batam by ferry knows Coastarina. It’s a giant lettering on the beach of Batam Center bay. It’s a signage – the biggest ever built in Indonesia – of an exclusive housing estate in Batam. It’s a phenomenal housing on the world-map-shape land.

Everybody knows the estate, but only a few knows the man behind the successful estate. It’s Cahya, the owner of Arsikon Group, the developer of Coastarina. He is a local entrepreneur but marks regional footprint. Not only people from Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya and other Indonesian Cities, people from Malaysia and Singapore also love to buy houses in Coastarina.

Cahya is not an old player in property business. Apparently, he’s a new kid on the block who started his business in the year 2000. Up to now, he has built 13 property projects.

Back in 1999, Cahya was a contractor. Global Asian economy was not so good at that time. He also didn’t have enough money.

In 2000, Cahya began his debut by developing Citra Indah project. He invested 1 billion IDR (102,000 USD) to build on land of 14 hectare. The project generated enthusiast response from the customers. He then built another property projects: Sandona, Oriana, Odesa, Avera, Simpang Raya Indah, Gavina, Alaina, and Coastarina.

Odesa, Avera, and Simpang Raya Indah aim low market segment. Odesa has been developed since 2006 on the site of 17 hectare. The house vary from 28 – 45 m2 wide and sold for 50 – 130 million IDR (5,100 – 13,200 USD).

Gabana project aims middle market segment and cost 20 – 30 billion IDR (2 – 3 million USD). Built on the site of 5 hectare, Gabana offers 500 units of house, pricing 130 – 200 million (13,200 – 20,400 USD) for each.

Avera project set price 60 – 70 millions IDR (6,100 – 7,150 USD) for each unit. Arsikon invested 40 billion IDR (4.1 million USD) to develop 300 units of house in the site of 8 hectare.

Arsikon also develops Alaina projects, 100 units of townhouse on the site 2 hectare, pricing 200 million IDR (20,400 USD) / unit.

In October, Arsikon will develop Gavina projects, 300 units of house on the site of 8 hectare, pricing 200 million IDR (20,400 USD) / unit.

Cahya shares his secret that he always maintains his reputation. He concerns much about finding good location, planning, design, and marketing. He puts ‘on time delivery’ on top priority. He gives 4% of project’s total cost as the marketing budget. His company, Arsikon now employs 100 persons, including 40 engineers.

Cahya was born in Tanjung Balai, Karimun, 1st of July 1964. He loves playing badminton. He said that Coastarina is only the beginning. In partnership with Anthony Salim and Para Group, he is now working on another two giant project on 400 hectare site in Batam Center. It will be township projects consisting of resort marina, 5 star hotel, convention hall, apartments, housing, Batam Supermall, and TV studio of Trans Group.

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