Saturday, June 21, 2008

ECOmmunity in Kebayoran View, Bintaro Jaya

Jaya Property, the leading developer in Jakarta proudly presents Kebayoran View, a new cluster with ECOmmunity lifestyle for better living in the professional’s city, Bintaro Jaya.

In this so called “beyond green for a better living” environment, Bintaro Jaya develops more caring and friendly Health Care, Earth Care and Energy Care. They also invite people who live there to take part in the new lifestyle, the ECOmmunity for sustainable living.

The Concept of Health Care is applied in:

  • Using roof garden to minimizes air pollution and provides room temperature.
  • Using low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), lead free and mercury-free paint.
  • Planting trees to absorb hazardous air of carbon dioxide (CO2) and Pb.
  • Using Biotech Septic Tank for dispersing solid waste.

The Concept of Earth Care is applied in:

  • Using Light Steel Roof Frame and Hollow Iron Plafond Frame structure. It means using less wood; less timber chopped.
  • Optimum water absorption by using Paving and Grass Block.
  • Using fabricated doors, aluminum doors and window frames to preserve forest.
  • Preventing flood and erosion by most up-to-date technology: Biopori which increases water absorption.
  • Using Grease Trap to avoid sediments in the sewage.
  • Using Diffusion Well to optimizes water absorption and minimizes run of rainwater.

The Concept of Energy Care is applied in:

  • Best architectural design to optimize air circulation. It reduces the use of Electrical Air Conditioner.
  • Using Air Cushion to produce better air circulation and lower room temperature. It also reduces the use of electrical air circulation.
  • Using indoor water element and aluminum foil on the roof to lower room temperature.
  • North – South building orientation.
  • Using gravitational force for water distribution
  • Planting trees with large canopy to create shade. It helps lowering the temperature.
  • Sanitary closets with dual flush system. It minimizes water consumption.
  • Using Solar Water Heater to minimize the electricity usage.

Jaya Property is a member of SI PENGEMBANG and has developed Bintaro Jaya Township which is claimed to be 5-minutes-far from Pondok Indah.

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