Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CROSSROADS OF THE WORLD, the New Sensation of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

The New Sensation in Jakarta

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town brings you the new sensation in shopping experience, Crossroads of the World. It is designed by Garry Goddard Entertainment, the design expert who create amusement park at Universal Studios and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Crossroads of the World occupy area of two floors and 500 meter long. The area consists of four districts. Each district presents atmosphere of famous city of the world. Entertainment District brings you the light of New York. You can find the main feature, dancing fountain and the flickering of light.

Fashion district brings you to the romantic lifestyle of Paris while Market Districts gets you the bazaar atmosphere of Morocco. And at Garden District you can have the peace of Asia with the beautiful green landscape.

In the area of Crossroads of the World from Garden District to Market District you can find Dreamworld Amusement Park. There children can play many games: Magic Bikes, Rio Grande, Fire Brigade, Jump Around, Canoe River, Monorail, and Mini Rocking Tug.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is a building among hotel, apartments, and rental office, developed by Djarum Group in Jakarta. PT Grand Indonesia invested 300 million US Dollars to complete the 7 hectare mixed use property project.

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