Monday, May 26, 2008

COASTARINA, Living in Coastal Continent

Have you ever dreamed about living in Africa, Europe, or Asia? Or maybe you want to travel around the world in less than 3 hours? Can you imagine living that way in your beach house?

You may come to Coastarina in Batam Island, Indonesia and enjoy your dreams.

Coastarina is a breakthrough concept of residential, inspired by the Palm Islands in Dubai, UAE. Arsikon Group, who develops the mega project, reclaims the beach shore in Batam Center to create an amazing residential complex with seaside atmosphere. They put a giant lettering concrete signage “Coastarina” that you can see it clearly from the ferry when you come in to Batam. Each letter weighs 50 metric ton and 8 meter height. MURI (Indonesian Record Museum) claimed it the biggest and the heaviest lettering; and it cost 150,000 USD.

Arsikon Group, the local developer, plans to develop land of world miniature. The land is to have “world map” shape by reclaiming the seaside and hold by concrete foundation. There you can find miniature of world’s continent of America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Above the reclaimed land of 80 hectare total area, Arsikon Group is to build the lots and houses. That’s the unique selling point of Coastarina. You can buy this type of houses for 4,000 USD.

Beside the reclaimed land, on the beach shore, Arsikon is to build coastal houses. Those are minimalist and glass dominant coastal houses. The roof is flat so that you can enjoy the blue sea from the rooftop. Each house is equipped with pier for your private boat and beautiful blue sea at your backyard. You can buy this type of house for 6,000 – 7,000 USD.

In Coastarina, Arsikon Group of Mr. Cahya, a local businessman plans to build total of 1,000 houses in the area of 150 hectares total (including 25 hectares of park and public facilities). There you can also enjoy Okarina Recreational Park with the food court, café and restaurants, Water Park, giant wall, and water game.

This Coastarina mega projects will be completed in 6 years; and the total investments is predicted to be 60 – 80 million USD.

Arsikon Group aims the local and foreigner people to stay at this amazing residence. Mr. Cahya believes there are a lot of people from Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya and Batam itself who is looking for exclusive, international quality residence in Batam. That’s the suitable target for Coastarina.

Not to mention the regional people from Singapore and Malaysia who is predicted to travel more often to Batam in the next years. As Singapore developed their casino, Batam - one hour away from Singapore - will get the spill over effects. Foreigners need houses in Batam. The demand rises. That’s the perfect target for Coastarina.

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Chai said...

Continue Your Info About Coastarina
Batam, Let's Batam Popular Around The world....This is an unique Concept" The World In The Small Island "...

Dolphin's Sea said...

I contact Coastarina, the price of the House start frpom 80.000 USD - 300.000USD.

U wrote at 4000usd-7000usd, its a mistake. :D

setiya said...

Costarina, i have visit u, only 2 time