Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bumi Serpong Damai Offer You the Masterpiece Clusters; Green Cove

PT Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) offer you the masterpiece clusters in BSD City, Tangerang, which is environment friendly. They are Vermont Parkland Cluster, The Green, and Green Cove Cluster.

Ridwan Setiawan, Promotion Manager of BSD said that long before the global warning issue rise, in 2004, the Masterpiece Cluster has yet bring the real go green concept.

The Green consists of various clusters; they are all park and green oriented.

Up to now, BSD continuously accelerates the go green program through the plant nursery. Green Cove is one part of the program.Green Cove is one of the largest residential areas in eastern BSD City. This residential give you beautiful view of Cisadane River. This cluster will be in between East Central Business District (CBD) and West CBD.

You can have one unit of the house for 700 million IDR. It’s a good deal as it is a great long term investment.

Green Cove covers area of 30 hectare and divided into sub-clusters: Green Height Zone, Green River Park Zone, Green Terrace Zone, Green Valley Zone, Commercial Units, and Green Hillside Zone. The houses vary from the area of 125/162 to 360/375.

The Green Cove aims the loyal customers who will make repeat order. That’s because BSD has good reputation of on time delivery. BSD also take benefits from mouth to mouth marketing.

Development of Green Cove is to be finish in two years after the launching while simultaneously build the infrastructure.

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