Monday, May 28, 2012

Coasta Villa, a Green Housing in Ancol Jakarta

Coasta Villa Housing Estate in Ancol, Jakarta
Some people seek for an ‘oase’. They wish to get away from the hustle and bustle. So that PT PEMBANGUNAN JAYA ANCOL meet the demand by launching COASTA VILLA, a beach resort living with an exotic tropical landscape and urban village athmosphere in  Ancol Jakarta Utara. It is certainly an oasis as green area covers 60% of the land.

Designed by MKPL DESIGN SINGAPORE, the 3-hectare-residential is developed under the concepts of cluster and double decker. You can choose between the two types – each is 4-floor house – the MALDIVES (392 sqm, 47 units available) or the SANTORINI (296 sqm, 58 units). Both names are internationally known as the place of the exclusive getaway. There are a lot of premium resorts on the islands.

President Director of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, Budi Karya Sumadi mentioned on the launching event of Coasta Villa, May 9th 2012, that international market has been very interested in waterfront housings. They are considered as prime location so the developer builds only limited units to keep the customer’s privacy. While Feng Shui Master, Suhu Benny said Coasta Villa is an icon of health, comfort and good luck as well as bring prosperity to its residents.

ANCOL as a leading developing put forward the concept of green living also applies it to design. The extensive green area and tropical landscape are integrated with the Ancol’s tourist destination facilities such as shoreline activities, eco-tourism in ECOPARK, Dunia Fantasi theme park, culinary tourism in Seggara – Bandar Jakarta. The location is also close to business district (Jakarta Expo Kemayoran), Mangga Dua, toll way exit, and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Read More »»

Saturday, January 14, 2012

myHome Apartment at Ciputra World, Jakarta

Located at the future “Orchard Road”, myHome Apartment has been one of the recommended vertical residences in Jakarta. PT Ciputra Property Tbk has been developing the apartment with branded elements as well as lots of facilities; not to mention, the eco-green concepts that attracts more customers. Out of 136 units offered, 85% has been sold to date.

General Marketing Manager of Commercial Building Division from PT Ciputra Adigraha, Kenny Seraphine said that the booming sale happened in 2010; 55% sold that year. Currently the construction progress has come to 32nd floor. In early 2012, the project will go topping off (48 floors) and finishing. Handed over will be on third quarter of 2012.

myHome Apartment has rest and recreation area that includes swimming pool, tennis courts, spa, gym, fitness center, barbeque area as well as walking and jogging track. It is also minutes away from the art museum gallery and Ciputra World Mall. As a premium vertical residence, myHome Apartment offers grade-A components and managed by Ascott International.

The eco green concepts applied mostly on energy saving. Director and Corporate Secretary of PT Ciputra Property Tbk, Artadinata Djangkar explained that every building called ‘green’ in the world, including in US and Singapore, focus on energy efficiency. Therefore, myHome Apartment employs anti-infrared glasses to reduce energy consumption by air conditioner and T5 lamps which are energy saver. Also, the escalators on the building have sensor to start moving only when there is passenger.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sky Terrace at Daan Mogot Baru, Jakarta

A resort-like apartment complete with lagoon-pools amid your busy lifestyle. That’s what SKY TERRACE LAGOON CONDO offers people who look for an apartment in West Jakarta. Located in Daan Mogot Baru – a city within city, the eco green residential is close to hospital (RS Hermina), school (Sekolah Dian Harapan), Daan Mogot Baru shopping mall, and office park (to be developed next year). It has also best access to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport through JORR (Jakarta Outer Ring Road) WI and Sedyatmo Toll Road.

Developed by PT Fajar Surya Perkasa (FASSA), SKY TERRACE APARTMENT comprises 504 residential units on three towers: Uluwatu (162 units), Pecatu (180 units) and Sanur (162 units). Pecatu tower is the tallest one and equipped with access control, smart system, video phone, and private lift; yet the price is affordable. One-bedroom type (35 sqm) is worth around IDR 300 millions (US $33,000), two-bedroom type (48 sqm) is around IDR 400 millions (US $44,000), and three-bedroom type (68 sqm) is IDR 600 millions (US $66,000).

Sky Terrace Apartment adopts eco-green concepts into its design. The building has many openings to allow sunlight and fresh air comes into every rooms. This concept is also applied as sky lounges in each tower and balcony terrace in each unit.

The facilities include a Health Club and a lagoon pool surrounded by 18 commercial outlets (restaurants and caf├ęs) with a down-town-walk concept.

Juan Panca Wijaya, General Manager PT FASSA said that people is very enthusiastic about this residence even more to see that the progress is quite fast. Since the groundbreaking, 49 units have been sold within two months. The manager predicted 400 units of condominium would be sold out by the end of 2011.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1Park Residence at Gandaria, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

PT Intiland Development Tbk has been developing 1PARK RESIDENCE, three apartment towers at Gandaria, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan with a concept of “nature in modern living”. Since the launching in February 2010, it has been sold 85%, exceeding this year’s target (80%).

Suhendro Prabowo, the Vice Director and Chief Operating Officer of Intiland explained his optimism that all units will be sold out before the handing over ceremony in mid 2012. He added,

“An apartment has been the primary choice for those who have many activities down town. 1Park Residence is situated at a very strategic location, very close to central business district. Moreover, natural green living concept is a unique strong point of 1Park Residence.”

The concept of nature is applied as green area covering 70 percent of the land creating a leafy environment amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Also, each apartment unit has private green area so that the dwellers feel as if they were on landed house. The open air private lift lobby sets up a natural yet private atmosphere.

“The efficient lay-out on each unit allows fresh air to circulate through each room including service area. Each unit is also equipped with CCTV, video phone, access card, and panic button set,” Mr. Hendro added.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Superblock in Glodok, Jakarta: Green Central City

MODERLAND GROUP starts developing a new residential superblock, GREEN CENTRAL CITY, located in Glodok, West Jakarta. Despite the hustle and bustle of trading activities in the district, the area of 14 hectares is built with green concept.

Martono Hadipranoto, Chief Operating Officer of Green Central City explained,
“Green Central City superblock, the new residential superblock in the heart of Jakarta offers a new lifestyle, full of vitality and classy. We build the superblock with a concept of combining comfort with profitable investment. It is located in the heart of the Indonesia’s biggest trade centre district.”

According to Martono, “Every detail of development has a philosophy: what you invest here will grow while the residents enjoy a distinctive lifestyle; get a piece of mind while having the asset grows. Likewise, we have a commitment to preserve the legacy that is Candranaya, which will also serve as a tourist destination in downtown.”

On Green Central City, there are historic buildings, CANDRANAYA, built in 18th century which was an important Chinese community’s building in Batavia.  Green Central City is built with the concept of environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable. With the gross floor area of 94,045 sqm, the superblock consists of two apartment towers, Adenium and Cerberra. Each comprises 37 floors with 432 units and 2 penthouses.

Martono added, there will also be four-star Hotel Novotel operated by Accor Group International. In addition, Moderland will also build an 8,024-sqm-commercial area, “Citywalk” – consisting three-storey bridge and five-storey-mezzanine; and 0.6-hectare-Skypark located on top of the Citywalk.  Green Central City has a number of facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts, jogging track, children playground, fitness center, multi-purpose room, mini market, laundry, cafe and lounge, as well as other entertainment venues.  

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Prospects of Hospitality Industry in Palembang City

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN PALEMBANG CITY is certainly growing fast as the hotel occupancy rate is now high enough, reaching around 70 percent.

The MAYOR EDDY SANTANA PUTRA said that he is optimistic that the city’s hotel industry will grow rapidly. “The operation of national-level and international level hotel in the city – not to mention more hotels that are under construction, has been the concrete proof,” he said.

Eddy explained that during the year 2010, a new five star-hotel has been being built and another has started operating. “In addition, a number of investors also has requested a hotel development on a number of areas in the CITY OF PALEMBANG.”

He said, “The Musi River banks, like in the Kelurahan 10 Ulu of Kecamatan Seberang Ulu I and Sekanak, has attracted the investors. In fact, they are also ready to build a hotel in the downtown, not to far fom Cinde Marketcentre.”

Eddy added, “SANTIKA HOTEL BUSINESS GROUP has proposed a development plan of a hotel. The municipal government has received the submission from local investors as well. The Mayor is optimistic that the growing of hotel industry in the city will encourage Palembang to become a leading trade and service area in Indonesia and Asia.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Summarecon is building a township called SUMMARECON BEKASI

 The renowned developer SUMMARECON is building a township in Bekasi, Jawa Barat called SUMMARECON BEKASI. Of the 250 hectare of land available, 35 percent will be allocated as commercial area. The developer will build 16 clusters whereby each consists of 6 to 7 hectares with 200 to 300 houses. In addition, there will also be apartments, shopping mall: Sumarecon Mall Bekasi, trade center, office park, shopping houses, modern fresh market, as well as an artificial lake which serves as retention basin.

“In this initial phase, we spend Rp 250 billion (approx. US $27.17 million) for the infrastructure development,” said Eecutive Director of Summarecon, Mr. Adrianto P. Adhi.

Starting from April 2010, two clusters are offered; they are PALM RESIDENCE and MAPLE RESIDENCE. Palm Residence cluster consists of 300 houses which price starts from Rp 500 million (approx. US $54,350). As for Maple Residence cluster, it consists of 230 units which price starts from Rp 700 million (approx. US $76,000). “We are targeting middle-upper segment of consumer,” said Mr. Adrianto.

The gate of Palm Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi
The gate of Maple Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi

In order to realize the plan, on April 10th 2010 SUMMARECON has planted concrete pile as the foundation of new fly over in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bekasi. “The fly over will make the traffic flows free. It will be ready in 2012, right after the residential units handed over at the end of 2011,” added Mr. Adrianto.

To develop a property project, especially a township, is not an easy thing as the developer must build a ‘city’. However, Mr. Adrianto claimed that he has no difficulties in realizing such plan.

His optimism is based upon the fact that the developer has already acquired the land since 1980’s. Besides, mortgage interest rate continues to fall recently; it escalates consumer’s purchasing power. “These days, people’s interest in purchasing houses by mortgage scheme continues to rise, up to 50 percent of the total sales,” he said.

Associate Director of the Strategic Advisory Group of PT Procon Indah, Utami Prastiana opines that landed houses in form of townhouse are promising to develop outside Jakarta. “The potential is seen in Tangerang and Bekasi with regards to the lack of vacant land for horizontal residentials in Jakarta. Moreover, price of the land outside Jakarta is more affordable,” said Utami.
Aerial view of Summarecon Bekasi
  Location map of Summarecon Bekasi
 Site Plan of Summarecon Bekasi

House - type 7x17 m, in Summarecon Bekasi  
house in Summarecon Bekasi   

Site plan of Palm Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi
  Site Plan of Maple Residence Cluster in Summarecon Bekasi 

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